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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does painting cost so much?
Please see my page on PRICING

Do you guarantee your work?
Please see "What about guarantees?" on my COMPARING BIDS page,

Whose paint do you use?
I use the best quality materials from 2 local suppliers; Sherwin-Williams, which has Sherwin Williams paint and Factory Paint, which has Benjamin Moore paint.  

What should I do to get ready for painting?
Painting (especially interior) can be almost as stressful as moving. We strive to minimize the hassle by working with your schedule and helping you get ready as much as possible. Here's what you can do to help us: (You can copy this text and print it out as a checklist for your convenience.)

• Remove as many knick-knacks and wall hangings as possible from rooms to be painted.
• Remove lamps, plants and small furniture if possible.
• We will move heavy furniture. If furniture needs to be move outside or to a protected area (porch, garage) we will cover it and move it back in when we are done.
• While we will unplug and re-wire computer and AV equipment if you ask us to, we prefer that you do this yourself. We will always put a double plastic cover over computer and entertainment systems.
• Leave nails / picture hardware / drapery hardware in place that you do not want removed and patched. We will only patch existing holes unless directed by you to remove hardware.

• Trim back plants, shrubs and branches that lie against the house to give at least a 12"in. clearance. If this is not possible we will carefully tie back plants to provide clearance.
• Remove bird feeders, wind-chimes, hanging plants. Remove BBQ's, firewood, and other obstructions to give at least 4 feet of clearance from the house. If you cannot remove these items yourself, we will gladly do it for you upon pre-arrangement.
• During pressure washing, make sure all windows and doors are closed tight. Check for leaks during and after washing and wipe up with towel. A leak during pressure washing does not necessarily indicate a defect in your home! We are putting water under high pressure in places where water normally doesn't go! Water damage due to pressure washing is extremely rare. Also, after washing, check to make sure all your lights and power outlets are functioning properly, especially those "GFI" test switches. Moisture in an outdoor plug will sometimes trip one of these breakers.

Should I be there during the paint job?
It's up to you. While we prefer to have someone there during exterior pressure washing to check for leaks, it's certainly not mandatory. And there is no reason why you can't be inside while we paint outside. However, you may find it inconvenient to be home during interior painting if we are working in high traffic areas (kitchen, bathrooms), or doing spraying where large sections of the house are tarped and masked. Most of my customers stick to a room not being painted, or spend the day shopping, visiting, or running errands. Ideally, I like to have a few moments with my customers at the start and end of the day, to go over details in the morning, and in the afternoon, to make sure everything is to their satisfaction and to plan the next day.

What about pets?
Pets are usually not a problem, but we prefer not to be "pet-sitters." Please arrange for a secure temporary location for your dog or cat if you feel they may be underfoot, or especially if their security is hinged upon a particular door or gate needing to be unfailingly closed every time we go through it. We cannot be responsible for "escape artists!"

What about paint fumes?
The days of stinky oil-based paints are almost over. We only occasionally need to apply high-fume primers to seal soot or nicotine stains, and we will give you ample warning when these products are being used. Even the smell from these disperses rapidly after being top-coated with acrylic paint, which is what we use almost exclusively. Modern acrylics hardly have an odor at all, and if you feel it might be a problem, we can use especially formulated low-odor paints.

Your crew doesn't smoke, do they?
Only when lit on fire. (sorry). Actually, any smokers on the crew are relegated to their cars during breaks if they need to smoke. No one will ever smoke in your house, and you will never find cigarette butts on your property. Relatedly, if you do not want the crew using your bathrooms, please inform us; this is not a problem.

Will you help me choose a paint color?
I will be glad to provide color swatches and consult with you on colors that, in my opinion, might look good on your home. Keyword here being my opinion; ultimately the choice is yours since you have to live with the colors long after I've left. If you are having serious doubts about which color to use, you can always consult a decorator or architect. Design and color are their specialties; mine is application.

How do you get paid, and when?
In most cases, a deposit of a 3rd of the total balance is required prior to the start of any job of course we always make exceptions and are flexible to all prior arrangements discussed.  I am set up to take major credit cards and local personal checks are also fine and never refuse cash!

152 Summer Street
Plymouth, MA 02360

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